Transmuting the Mundane

Click the image to Download a copy of Wolf yourself <3

Click the image to Download a copy of Wolf yourself <3

Wolf has officially been finished and Launched!

Enjoy another short horror story in Transmuting the Mundane called Wolf.

What happens when you're Ex drops by? Probably nothing good.

Enjoy wolf!

Progress~ Bibi and Human

Bibi and Human is officially out, a prototype is available for download. I just recently released a patch/update including the most recent chapter "Witches Circle" The next big planned update is going to be either late December/early January.

Click the Image for game download page, Alternatively visit in the navigation

Click the Image for game download page, Alternatively visit in the navigation

Meanwhile Just finishing up a couple small projects as we go. A New mini comic is Underway for Transmuting the mundane.

The Title will be announced shortly same with some Sneak peaks.

Another Mini game will go straight to launch come December. It's a super fun super secret so make sure to Follow Oddyssey studio on

for all the game updates, Devlogs and fun things.

Alternatively you can visit our Patreon. Recently we launched a Patreon for those who would like to Support Oddyssey studio and follow our endeavors.

If you know people would be interested aside from yourself, Share the link!


So As Always great things on the Horizon! To those celebrating Thanks Giving soon, have a safe and happy Holiday!



Vale is officially published! Also I have a BLAUG!


So Vale is officially out and about, you can buy it here from my store! Which is super exciting!

I’m really glad to hear the feedback from Vale so far is positive, which make my heart swell 1000 times it size. Especially after a journey as long as this one, getting Vale off the ground was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done. Especially after a year as turbulent as this one, I have no words to express how grateful I am for everything that has happened and to see something good come from all the work.

I just want to send one final thank you to all the Kickstarter support I received. I hop they come to enjoy Vale and continue reading the series as I put out more books!

Speaking of, Vale issue #2 Is already underway! I am looking to have it finished by Mid-December. Just in Time for Christmas!! (or just before, So you’ll have something to ready this holiday!)

Aside from Vale there are some AWESOME things underway.

So art snippets from upcoming Funstuff!

So art snippets from upcoming Funstuff!

Continuing a game (Visual Novel). The Absolutely free demo will be out this month!

Not only that but we will also be putting out a fan-game in a similar style for Christmas. Just for fun. Really REALLY exciting stuff.

Get pumped we plan on making it rain (or snow) awesome in the coming weeks.

SO pumped!