What a rush!

So the past couple of weeks were a ride!

First, I hit up Tri-City Con which was an experience, to say the least. I met some interesting people and saw a lot of amazing things.

However, by far London Con was by far the more exciting of the two.

Selling quite a few prints and getting Vale issue one into as many hands as possible.

It was most certainly a positive experience all round at both cons, learned a lot, got some great feedback and now I am back with my nose to the grindstone!

Now I get to tell you the fun stuff I will be working on until Year-end!

Firstly, Inktober

As we are already into the month of October, I decided to put out 2 more issues of Transmuting the Mundane. The first being “Siren” . For those who don’t know what Transmuting the Mundane is, they are mini horror stories in comic format. All free to read, some even available in the Shop in PDF download format.

The Cover for Siren

The Cover for Siren

The page snippets are being released daily on Instagram for the month and then will be removed at the end once the stories are complete. If you want to help in supporting its creation you can view the full pages on My Patreon- Pre-release for only 1$ a month! As well as other super cool snippets. This bring us to the Next topic.

Vale issue # 3

Since issue 2 is finished and printed it is only natural that issue 3 follows! Issue 3 is set to release some time in mid-late November. A set release date isn’t currently available since Life happens and I am juggling a lot. But It is on its way, and trust me, I am just as excited to share it as you are to read it!

Here is a snippet of some the art that will be included with the Next issue!

Here is a snippet of some the art that will be included with the Next issue!

So needless to say, many exciting things on the move in the comic portion of Oddyssey Studio. If you enjoy Vale and would like to keep tabs on its progress make sure you subscribe to our mailing list! Email sent out every time there is an update!

Also if you are still looking to get your hands on issue 2, make sure the check out the Shop or if you are in the area check out Studiocomix Press they keep Both issues of Vale on hand and to order.

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Warm regards,