Oddyssey Studio is hiring!!

Hiring for this Bad boi right here <3

Hiring for this Bad boi right here <3

That’s right all, You’re reading that right.

As we are now fully in summer, the projects are piling up! In a good way of course.

So We’ve come to the decision that we need help! Currently they are all freelance positions as we are too small to hire on permanent help. But know once you work with us, if you so desire, we’ll more than likely be calling you in the future! So if you’re looking to make a little extra Keesh and/ or beef up your portfolio, definitely send your appy~!

Without Further ado, here is what we are currently looking for.

Background Painter - Upcoming Project


  1. A knowledge in Background painting to be sure

  2. Understanding of Photoshop or a similar digital painting program

  3. A Portfolio

  4. A Dedication to deadlines.

  5. Efficient and clean work.

UI Designer -For Human and Bibi

Job Description: Some one to help up Refine/embellish/re-create our UI custom menus/ Elements using Unity. Again make sure to check out the game Page to see if this would appeal to you: Click here


  1. Extensive knowledge in UNITY

  2. A Portfolio of previous works (or present projects)

  3. A Dedication to deadlines

  4. Efficient and clean work.

If any of these interest you, definitely shoot us a link to your portfolio as well as you resume and a informal Cover letter telling us a bit about yourself. All applicants MUST have access to a paypal. Since that will be the only form of Payment. All terms and agreements will be covered once applicant passes the preliminary stages. (this includes rates, rules and deadlines)

To apply for any of these Positions Click below and simply Title the email as the job/jobs you are applying for.

Also please direct any of your questions here as well!

Good luck!