Bibi and Human-Pressing Pause.

Hello everyone!

So I have some bitter sweet news. Unfortunately due to the volume of paid work I have- I am unable to continue the update for Bibi and Human that would have launched this month.  

However like I mentioned this is bittersweet news, for the Next update will be the {Beta} full game.  Complete with the main story and some fun side-things I had been working on.

I am expecting to launch the Full Beta June/July.  Like I mentioned I am juggling too much paid work/ prior commitments to continue with Bibi and Human. Which is exciting but also-boo responsibilities 'Am I right?'.

Thank you for understanding, this is as hard for me as it is for you.

But look forward to that full glory beta!!

if you haven’t played it yet, definitely check out what is prototype


New series!

So This past weekend I launched a new series

a Romance Fantasy series on this cool little app called Webtoon!

I discovered it while doing some research and found myself addicted to some of the comics on there. That’s when I decided to post my own! This Comic will be free-much like Vale is now. However it will ONLY be available on webtoon. So make sure to check it out!

Sidhe: The new webtoon launched by yours truly!  Click the Image for Details!

Sidhe: The new webtoon launched by yours truly! Click the Image for Details!

In addition to the Webtoon I have launched a Patreon in tandem/partnership with Webtoon. However it is available to everyone. I will be posting in greater detail about it in the future as it is still in the works. However in the meantime. Definitely Check out Sidhe and make sure to give it a like a subscribe!



Vale Issue 2~ release imminent. ALSO KCC

Vale issue 2 is DONE! Currently Have it set for Pre-order! So make sure to check out the store.

The official Release day for the Comic will be

March 30th 2019.

Issue 3 is underway and the release date for that will be announced shortly after ( march 30th) !

Vale Issue 2-Rebirth.

Vale Issue 2-Rebirth.

Also earlier this month I had the pleasure of being part of Kitchener Comic Con.

My first official Con where I sold some issues of Vale.

I had fun talking to those that came by, and it certainly was an interesting experience. So I’m glad I did it and I look forward to going to more Cons in the Future! :)

If me at the Con!

If me at the Con!

This was also a great learning experience, There are certainly a couple things I will do differently when setting up my table in the future.

With that being said, there is a lot to do from now until then.

So stay tuned folks!

all the best

Oddyssey Studio,