Bibi and Human - A Visual Novel

Have you ever played a visual novel before? Well, we are here to introduce you to the marvelous world that is an interactive story.

A visual novel is very similar and sometimes just like a “choose your own adventure” game. For those who just a smidge too young to recall, they were games made that required quite a bit of reading. You would be given choice throughout the game that would then change the outcome of the story, as well as the storyline. In the heart of hearts that is a visual novel, the difference being the visual aspect.

Now that you know what a visual novel is let’s get to our favorite visual novel Bibi and human.

Bibi and Human is the story of an average girl living on an island by the name of Caydran. She works with her best friend Abbi in Abbi’s bakery, in her spare time Bibi likes to explore caves on the island and read. The island has a mysterious history and even more mysterious festivities that the player will learn and can unlock through the game.

Like most visual novels Bibi and Human allows you to make choices that inevitably change the progress of the story, you come to know the characters and learn things that can help or hinder you in the story changing the way each chapter ends. The player plays as Bibi and helps her to make those tough decisions in regards to where to go, what to wear, what to eat, and even who to fall for. Not only are there wild adventures, but there’s romance- if you so choose!

Currently, the game is in Alpha and we are looking for some hearty feedback, so far the responses have been pretty great and we love hearing what you have to say so keep that good stuff coming!

To download the alpha version of the game check it out here (link)

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As always, stay adventurous

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