Human and Bibi Release date incoming!

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time, I know! I have been hard at work finishing up Bibi and Human for all. The reason I’m posting this update is that I have a ballpark of when the game will be released!


Exciting stuff I know, So thank you to those who played the broken Demos and stuck around to see Bibi and Human through. I’m super grateful to all of those who gave me feedback and kind words. I created what I personally think will be my first masterpiece.

As mentioned, currently looking to set a release date, I am looking to release in August, mid-late August to be exact.

We will be releasing on Mac and PC to start, and if all the testing goes well I am also considering IOS and Android releases. However, that’s a big-ole maybe.

There were things That Were omitted from the Demo but will be in the final release. So look forward to:

  • Bunch of New Characters

  • Unlockable stories/side stories

  • More new art

  • New locations

  • More things TBA.

Again, Thank you for your patience, thank you for stick with Bibi and Human, and Thank you for following Oddyssey Studio on this wild adventure!

Much love,


p.s if you want to update notifications make sure to sign up! This will also apply to future projects and products.

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