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Hello everyone and thank you for bearing with our period of silence. Oddyssey Studio has undergone yet another shift in dynamic as the winds change on the sea of life. As the pandemic continues on, so do we- commutes to making quality content for our fans.

That being said, we have some awesome news. As fall approaches so does another issue of Vale, we are happy to announce issue 3 of the Vale series, coming to you on October 28th.

'Vallence is just absolutely shaken and so are we-- with excitement!'

As the date nears we will be releasing teasers as well as more information in regards to where to get your own copy. If you haven’t had a chance to grab the first two issues yet, make sure to grab them in our online store!

Another, long overdue update coming your way is an update of Human and Bibi! If you follow the Dev Log on it you will know it’s undergoing a major overhaul which is a lengthy process. As we add on to the adventure we ask for your patience. It’s gonna be good, that’s a promise.

As we implement changes to Bibi and Human we will continue posting dev logs to and here as well. So make sure you subscribe to one or the other to get notified!

Check it out for yourself here, play our Alpha!~

As always, Stay adventurous

Oddyssey studio

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